I’ve always been a believer in therapy.  And now, more than ever, we need it.  I thought that I’d share some therapy things that have resonated with me recently…

*Enjoy the moment- do something that makes you smile (I bought fragrant hand soap and face wash).

*The anniversary of your loved one’s death will come every month- embrace it.  Celebrate the person that they were. And it’s ok to embellish.  In our case, our daughter was almost four months old.  She wasn’t eating solids yet, she wasn’t exhibiting interest in anything specific.  So, we’re going to speculate as to what she may have been enjoying.  Her birthstone color is purple so I think that we’re going to embrace a purple food meal.  This will likely mean Swedish pancakes dyed purple and purple smoothies.  I also think that I remember grape mentos which I’m going to search out.  And, we’re switching from acknowledging her day of death (17th) to her day of birth (19th).  She lived- and we want to celebrate that.

*Create a “God box'”- My spouse and I have really struggled to let thoughts go- especially at night.  I’d mentioned to my therapist that in church my pastor had said that we don’t need to ask God to take our burden, just give it to Him.  My therapist loved this idea and tasked me with making a “God box”.  We now have a wrapped box on our table with a slot cut into it.  When I can’t get an idea out of my head, I write it on a slip of paper and put it in the “God box.”  Somehow that task of physically writing it down and putting it elsewhere has really helped.

For anyone else who is hurting, I’m sorry.  Please be honest with others, let them step up to help you during your season of pain.  We’re on this planet together.  Care for yourself and care for others.

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