Teaching teenagers to crochet

I’ve been lucky enough to have two school groups decide to contribute squares to Breelyn’s Blanket Brigade.  I’m ironing out the kinks but I thought that I’d share some of the things that I’ve learned.

  • Provide written, picture, and youtube instructions- I put together a handout compiling information found online.
  • Use yarn that is easy for beginners- I use Caron one pound in various pastel colors.
  • Get a ball winder to break the one pound yarn into smaller balls-I use Yarn Ball Winder by Knit Picks. (makes approximately six balls)
  • Use one quart ziploc bags to store individual balls- students can label with sharpie markers
  • Get everyone the same size crochet hook- I use 5.5mm.  Joann Fabrics often has sales.
  • Make five inch paper squares and put one in each ziploc.  Students will be able to measure the correct size for their finished square without needing ruler.
  • Consider starting each project- start first 2.5 lines.  Often times you only have 30 minutes with the students.  Learning to make the beginning chain is the most difficult and time consuming.  With the second school, I opted to start all of their projects and that allowed them to learn and progress much more quickly.  When they complete a square, I can start a new one for them quickly.
  • Use stitch markers to keep your place-I use Boye (there are 25 in a box and they are around $4).  They will keep your work from unraveling.
  • Provide storage to keep all projects in one space.  I use soft clothing storage box by iWill (found on amazon for about $10).
  • Give students a visual for how their squares will contribute to a blanket.  I’m attaching a picture of the first blanket that I made- using single crochet, Caron yarn, 5.5 mm hook.

I’m certain that there will be more things that I learn along the way…  Working with students has been exciting and inspirational.  It is so amazing that they are wanting to make a difference to these grieving families.  Do reach out if you are interested in getting some teenagers crocheting. I’d love to hear your stories!

3 thoughts on “Teaching teenagers to crochet”

  1. Summer, this is so great! I think you did a great job in explaining. This makes me want to get more schools involved! 🙂

  2. Summer, I want to help you in some way. I would love to work with young people to teach them to crochet or knit. Do you still need help doing that?

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