The First Blanket Donation- Dedication

Last night we gathered for a family dinner to remember Breelyn.  It was her birthday and we knew it.  My mom made sandwiches and cookies in the shape of butterflies which is our “thing” for Breelyn.  I think that we were all just trying to keep it together so we actually didn’t mention Breelyn.  We were just together.  Until the end of dinner, when I said that we had one more thing- we wanted to dedicate the blankets that would be donated.

And so the blankets were stacked up, all 100 of them.  We gathered around and discussed our hopes for these blankets- that the receivers would feel loved, that their worst moment would be just a bit better.  When my mom puts the “Made With Love By Breelyn’s Blanket Brigade” tags on, she prays for the parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  We’ve lived this and so we prayed for the others that would live this- that they would find the strength to press on.

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