The world is full of so many people.  A brief few are your relatives and friends.  Some are acquaintances or co-workers.  Some are faces that you nod to but don’t really know. You may wish well to all but you are only really invested in your core… until you experience grief.

Suddenly you realize that the greater world experiences grief too.  You find yourself one of many.  You aren’t alone.  Everyone out there will experience a loss.  Their grief may not be the same as yours and that is ok.

In that last couple of weeks, two stranger/grief things happened to me…

I have a wonderful friend who has a wonderful friend.  My friend told her friend about the loss of Breelyn and Breelyn’s Blanket Brigade.  This complete stranger to me, made me the most beautiful prayer shawl.  I was speechless in receiving it.  This stranger spent hours of her time making something for me- something that would remind me that I wasn’t alone.

I ran into a person that I’d gone to college with.  We’d never really gotten along and I was apprehensive when I bumped into them.  As we talked, I learned that their mother had recently passed away and that their child was having a hard time with it.  I hadn’t seen this person in 15+ years, we weren’t friends, but I quickly ordered them a book that my three year old has liked on death (Honey Bear Died). We’re both parents with hurting children and I have to do what I can to help- to remind this person that they aren’t alone.

We’re living in a hurting world.  And we can do something.  Share a hug, a smile, a letter, a handshake.  Send a card, a book, a photo, a check.  Make a blanket, a meal, a date.  Just do something.  You aren’t alone.  Make someone’s day a bit better.  You have the power to help- just do it.

2 thoughts on “Strangers”

  1. Beautiful. We all need to stop and just notice the people around us. Every single person is carrying a burden of some kind. Take a minute, share a smile, hug, or even a pat on the back. Make someone’s day a little better by just being with them-even by phone or text. Thank you, Summer, for sharing and for reminding us to reach out and be God’s hands and feet. Hugs

    1. I love the expression that you used- being God’s hand and feet. Thank you for reminding me that we really are showing God’s love to others when we make an effort to connect and help.

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