A trunk full of blankets- 108!!

The outpouring of blankets has been positively amazing!!  I’d placed 75 blankets with local hospitals and then I stalled in progress. I couldn’t seem to connect with hospitals. I had something that would help their mourning parents but it just wasn’t happening… And then I realized that, since Breelyn died, I’d been receiving regular supportive communication from the Center for Infant and Child Loss (http://www.infantandchildloss.org/).  They provide counseling and support to families who have lost a child.

And so I reached out.  Response- Yes!! We’d love to help!!  Such a relief from me- now I can concentrate on making blankets and inspiring others to do the same.  The Center for Infant and Child Loss already has contact with many hospitals so they are going to handle the blanket placement!!

I met with their leader, LaToya Bates, and handed off 108 blankets!!  This makes our total 183.  Be sure to check out our Facebook page for pictures of all of the blankets.  They really are lovely. And thank you so much for your support of this project!  It really is inspiring and I’m really very touched.

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