Still Standing Magazine- My Pregnancies Ended but My Love Lives On

This summer, I was accepted to be a contributing writer for Still Standing Magazine.  Today was the day that my very first piece ran.  Honestly, I felt pretty exposed and vulnerable when I saw it in “print”.  But, I’m hopeful that it will reach other parents that need to see it.  My goal has always been to be honest in my grief.  I never ever imagined that I’d have additional grief beyond Breelyn’s death but alas, we have.  And we’re doing our best to love and honor our living and non-living children. I share my pain so that others realize that it’s ok to mourn a loss forever- you’ve lost a person.  But, it’s also ok to have moments of laughter and joy.  Your life has continued, and it’s ok to live it with as many smiles as you can.

My Pregnancies Ended but My Love Lives On

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