Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

I think that these words exactly describe what happened. My church has amazingly supported the making and collection of blankets.  Seriously- they are fantastic!  And then someone donated two queen sized hand-made blankets.  Hmmm… I asked myself if they knew what these blankets were being used for (really small kiddos)?  And then I talked to my mom who is a worker of great wonders…

She turned each large blanket into 9 smaller blankets!  I’d never considered turning larger projects into smaller.  This feels like the modern day loaves and fish miracleJ

So if you have any large hand-made blankets around and you just aren’t sure what to do with them… give them to me! My mom will work wonders and many families will be blessed.  Also, if you have larger projects that maybe have a stain on a portion of it, we may still be able to use a large portion of the blanket to make smaller blankets.

Seriously- my mom rocks and I’m so glad that she saw an opportunity where I saw a wall.

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